Day 6, Pranjal

This is the end of day 6. Yesterday I made video of our  first 2 hours of the race – you will see it in 2 minutes on the background of my report – enjoy!
Today I felt better then yesterday. Only in the evening I felt tired, but this is always like this in the race. It’s difficult to grasp how hard the race is. You push your body to the edge, you feel a lot of pain, you are tired. Still there is some place inside you, where you could feel quiet and feel peace. You could draw energy from this place. Even if your body is hurting and you think you can’t endure it any more, still you receiving energy from within. At least that is what I feel. Probably this is the reason why people are running this race. When you touching the edge of your abilities, your endurance, of your courage of your strength, then you are entering into new world, which otherwise is very hard to find. There you could find things that you could even not imagined.
Today many people have tough day. Atmavir was ok, he just told me that he did 70 miles – it’s great! Yuri told that day was hard for him, at the evening he was tired and really sleepy. Anyway he stayed until the end. He is really tough guy. Asprihanal – for him running is really like drinking a glass of water, today he was really fast. I spoke to Surasa – she told that she was not flying as last few days, but did good mileage anyway. Sarvagata in the morning usually very fast, and in afternoon slows dawn and at the evening he again running fast. Shopan is running at his own pace. Seems that he is focused on 113 laps per day. Baladev said that at the evening everything was hurting, but he stayed a long time. Nidhruvi looks day by day stronger. She said that do not want to push much because she still do not know what to expect further from the body. Ananda-Lahari was fast in the morning, then he slowed down. In the evening he speed up a little bit. Sara told me today that she had a tough day, she was walking all the time and had more brakes then usually, but in the evening she was again flying – she ran all the hills and was really strong, when others are dying and waiting to finish the day to go to sleep.

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