Day 11, Sahishnu

Day 11 extracted its share of joy and chagrin from the dangerous dozen, but as the story continues the heat of the last few days is still a factor. Eight people made it past 60 miles, led by Ashprihanal Aalto with 70.24 miles. He was closely followed by leader Atmavir Spacil, whose effort netted him one less lap but a lead still well protected. Surasa Mairer still leads the ladies by 12 miles over her friend Nidhruvi Zimmerman, who, incidentally observed her birthday with a 60 mile day as well. Sarah Barnett continues the late evening blitz to reach 60 with very good straightway speed. The group fitness is good, but individually people are still not there yet. Soon the automatic button might appear, where effort translates into more miles with fewer setbacks or injuries. Soon…..

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