Patience is Running, by Utpal

July 8
I try to enjoy each moment. I really try to appreciate where I am, what I am doing. I’m not in a hurry because I cannot land early. So, time is not so much an issue, so important — it’s more the way to get to the destination, which is very interesting.”  In the very early hours of Sunday morning here in New York a solar powered plane landed at JFK airport. It had left Washington a little over 18 hours earlier.

The Solar Impulse had first begun its historic flight across continental America back on May 3.  It’s 2 Swiss pilots took turns commanding the aircraft on its multiple hops across the country.  The total distance was 5649 km (3,510 miles)  and took 105 hours of flying time to accomplish the new record.

“There are no limits. The only limit is the pilot.” Solar Impulse pilot André Borschberg

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