Day 25, Sahishnu

A tough day all around as the Dozen endured more humidity, bright sun, dead air, heavy rain,multiple doctor visits (3) and the ever-present mileage awaiting their airspace. Only six people made it past 60 miles, with little fanfare as almost everyone was suffering. Ashprihanal Aalto ran 66.4 miles, closely followed by Atmavir Spacil,65.8 and Vasu Duzhiy,63.1. No amount of ice, sweets, cooler drinks or tarimisu could change anyone’s demeanor- only they could. With steely determination and resolve.And a few more breezes, please. Six have now gone past halfway, with still time left for two or three more if they really bear down.As we are approaching four weeks in, the physiology of super-long racing begins to appear- all runners are thinner, body fat is history and energy is slightly harder to come by. The alternative is fat and food- tons of it. We shall see. Stay cool my friends….

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