3100-mile race preparation summary

This year, I had much better conditions for running – I trained all winter in Florida, USA, where the summer never ends. January-February, I was still “resting”, making about 50K per week – running and biking. Since March I began to increase the volumes – 30K trainings appeared in my schedule, thus increasing my week total up to 100-120K. In April I ran a control marathon in a time of 3:31 and then made a 10-day break for the cleansing Madal Bal diet. During the diet I was not exercising much as detox is most effective while relaxed state. And it was the only period when I could do the diet without much damage for training – I still had an intense schedule in May ahead.

После тренировки на 70 км, Стутишил
After 44 mile workout, salt even on shorts

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