June 15, Utpal: More Enthusiasm

Ashprihanal said, “I have taken a year off and now I have more enthusiasm.”

Many significant moments during a race this long and hard can sometimes be obscured by the shear immensity of it all.  It is convenient to find therefore from time to time little sign posts along the way.   To be able to better take stalk and attempt to comprehend even fragments of this grand miracle taking place in full public view. If you do not pause and observe from time to time and grasp for a clearer perspective than it becomes impossible to appreciate what is truly happening overall.

The race record set by Madhupran in 2006, was 41 days and 8 hours.  It has long been the pinnacle that the best runners have sought after but none have been able to really get that close to.  In that year he averaged 74 miles a day an incredible achievement.  The only one to get close was Madhupran’s previous record of 72 miles a day in 2002.  After that comes Ashprihanal’s performance in 2007, which was an average of 71.8 miles.

Yesterday a new record was set by Ashprihanal that, if it does not speak of great things to come, than at least demonstrates that this 44 year old runner from Helsinki may run his best race ever.  All this considering that he is running it this summer for the 13th time…….which ties the record held by Suprabha for most times running the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile race.

“My previous best was 90 miles.  I did not set out to try and do 94, I just stayed focused all day…..and move all day.  Than it became my record day.”

I mention to Asprihanal that he looked very relaxed and happy most of the day.  I was curious if he had been pushing hard the whole time.  “I was working hard all day but not pushing.  I was walking at the corners. I was focused all the time.”

He mentions that yesterday had been hot for him, but today with overcast skies and a light breeze it is much different.  In the morning it rained briefly.  “Today is perfect running weather.”


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