July 10, Utpal: Every Day is

“I feel good.  I feel amazing, every day is better.”

Every year since 2008 Baladev Saraz, a 39 year old runner from Slovakia has spent his summer running around Thomas Edison High school in Queens New York.  For the past 26 days he has done exactly what he loves most.

Putting on his shoes and heading around the block for 18 straight hours.  A different direction every day.  He would like to complete the 3100 miles that he and 10 other runners are all trying to achieve.  In front of him now is just 26 more days in which to do it.  No matter what the outcome may be,  he will love and cherish each step, each lap, and each day for as long as the race lasts.

Yesterday he ran around the block 100 times which when added to all the previous days makes 2857 times.  There is a part of him that would probably like to have done a few more.  But counting off the laps and miles is not what brings Baladev coming to Queens each summer for the last 8 years.

When asked whether the second half of the race gets tougher.  “I need a long time to warm up and to heal my injuries from the beginning.”

“Every day I think, this is my best day.”

“I am not just saying this, it is really true.”


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