July 12, Utpal: My Work Here Is Not Done

From the very first day Yuri Trostenyuk started running the 3100 mile race 3 years ago he has been a passionate devotee of all its terrors, all its beauty, and of course how it transforms every part of his being.

By using the best calculations that we have, it is possible to examine Yuri’s data as he starts day 29.  From the lap sheets we can see that he had a good day yesterday, with 65 miles.  His total at the end of day was 1913 miles.   With his current pace he is set to make a new personal best.  Last year this same time he had 1873 miles.  So now he is 40 miles ahead of that.

But to listen as Yuri describes an experience that happened to him a few days ago and it is easy to see how unimportant crunching the  numbers really are to him.

“Not long before I completed 1000 miles.  From daily pressure I started to have pain in my body.  Unpleasant and worrisome thoughts were occupying my mind.  I was tired of getting rid of them already.  It was just simply hard.  It was only getting harder and harder.”

“I began to pray to God.  I said, God, please help me.  It is so hard for me right now and I won’t survive this.  Please support me, guide me, and show me the way.  Then, a few minutes after my prayer an inner world started to open up in front of me.  It was as though I was seeing a corridor to the inner world opened.”


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