July 15, Utpal: On My Way Home

 “I am not a morning person.  For me the morning is really hard.  It is unusual that I have started running faster so early.  But maybe my blisters are finally trying to disappear.”

When I last spoke with Kaneenika it was 10 days and 600 miles ago and she has not only cleared the half way mark since then, she is also doing very well indeed.

Consistently she has been getting 60 miles each day and than quite often a little bit more.  “If there is time and I have the strength I always like to do more.  Otherwise 60 miles, I am really grateful for that.  Last night was the first night that I stayed until it was almost 12.  Because I wanted to do the 60 miles and I had a really bad afternoon, because of the rain.”

She finished her day 31 with 1860 miles on the board. “It is still far to go, and at the same time it is so hopeful.  I am getting closer.  It is definitely going down the hill now.”  When she reached the half way point she said, “now I am on my way home.”



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