July 16, Utpal: To Smile Is Very Important

“Kodanda who is my dear, dearer, dearest friend, he proved that God exists.”

Earlier in the morning I asked Ananda-Lahari if he had any stories he might like to share.  I thought he might recall some memorable experience from the many years he has run the race.  Never once thinking he would come up with proof of the existence of the almighty.

“On one hand it was really funny and on the other it was really touching.  It is a really nice story for me. One day Kodanda was riding his bicycle next to me during the race a few years ago.  He was holding in his hand a piece of watermelon.  He was looking at it and saying, if this is not proof that God exists than what else.”

“How can such a thing be created from dirt.  Look at its beauty.  You could feel and you could see that these were not just words.  He was really feeling and appreciating this creation of God that came from dirt.”



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