July 17, Utpal: Something In My Heart Very Very Nice

 “I would like to tell a story.  It happens every day.  Around 8pm when I am tired.  I have no energy to run, and I cry.” It is at this moment almost like clockwork that Databir’s blue van pulls up.  It is the one he used to drive Sri Chinmoy with for many years.  When Vasu sees the van he will stand beside it devotedly and meditate for a short while.

“I get some peace, joy and I offer my gratitude to Sri Chinmoy.  After that I get some more energy, and I can run faster, faster, and faster.”

There are times in most of our day to day lives when it appears that our world increasingly becomes more complex and confusing.  There is a part of us inside that yearns for peace, sweetness, and simplicity.  But despite our best intentions, not to take the tangled path we quite often do, and end up in a place where peace is even further away.

Since 2012 Vasu has been coming to the 3100 mile race each year and been using the hard half mile loop to strip away the extraneous parts of himself that do not give him joy or fulfillment.  His life here is all about simplicity, devotion, and an incredible amount of dedicated hard work.


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  1. Алла Денисова Says:

    Спасибо, что Вы бежите, дорогие наши братья и сёстры! Спасибо! Спасибо! СПАСИБО!!!