July 23, Utpal: Make My Absolute Happy

“I still cannot make friends with the American sun and the American heat.”

50 year old Yuri Trostenyuk is running his 3rd 3100 mile race spectacularly well.  The last 2 summers he has found a way of conquering the half mile of concrete but the heat and humidity of a typical New York summer is another matter.

“I try to transcend it, but the problem keeps coming back.  I am solving it.  These hardships are making me stronger.  When such hardships come the little things just fall away. The only thing that remains is the most important thing.  These hardships are making me immune and much stronger.”

Till now his pace has been averaging of 67 miles a day.  His mileage going into day 40 is 2641 miles, 51 miles ahead of last year. He ran 64 miles yesterday.


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  1. Алла Денисова Says:

    Никто не говорил мне; Я просто знаю, что Око Бога И Его Сердце-Сострадание Помогут мне удержать Его горящий вселенский Факел Мира. No one told me; I just know that God`s Eye And His Compassion-Heart Will help me hold His flaming universal Peace-Torch. Спасибо!