Day 4

Today is the fourth day. It’s 19.11pm. It is the first day when I am feeling much better. Not a 100% great yet, but really better. So, I could do some running till 5 pm and then after a break I started walking again. It seems that the condition of my heel cord has become quite stable. Anyway it’s not getting worse.

Pavel has shin splints, so he is walking. Pranab was not at the race till evening. Besides shin splints, he has skin blisters, probably as a reaction to the sun. But I think it is a part of another bigger problem, since the weather is not hot now and even cool in the morning. I suppose 10-12 degrees above 0; we are wearing sweatshirts. It is not very sunny, I‘d say it’s cloudy. And all these days he was wearing his white sun protective outfit while running. Today he had a medical appointment and had his traditional day-off. It has been for several years that he is lucky enough to have a day off when his rash kicks in. Soon after this he perfectly recovers, he gets back to the race and catches up. And it doesn’t prevent him from setting national records.

So, we believe in him and we have got used to his stepping out for one day Shuprabha has been running in the Solumbra sun protective pants which block 99% of UV rays. Due to this find of Pranab’s, most runners have a great protection from the sun. Gunthita, the leader of the “Mountain Silence” music group, was a counter at the race for a few days. I asked her about her impressions of their Russian concert tour and she told me that she had been absolutely excited about it and wanted to come there once again.

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