July 26, Utpal: The Race is More Than Speciallll

Last year Jayasalini Abramovskikh completed the Self Transcendence 3100 mile race in her first attempt.  Coming to New York from her home in Moscow was a dream come true for her.  She had come many times to the multi day races in Flushing Meadow, but the 3100 was always calling out to her.  So when she did at last run in 2014, every step past 10 days was another step of Self Transcendence for this amazing athlete.
Her final result of 51 days and 12 hours was good enough to place her 7th overall amongst women competitors.  But rank, and time was never her goal.  She knew that by coming and taking part she was doing exactly what she needed to do at the time it was supposed to be done.

This year, due to injury she could not participate.  But the call of the race was so strong that she has now come for a week to visit the race.  Also, as fate would have it, she was here as history was made when Ashprihanal set a new world record.

“On one of the first days when I was running.  Vasu was passing by me and he said, did you see Guru? He was passing by in a car.  I was not surprised at all.  I answered, no.  I didn’t see him.”

“He said look in that car.  He will come again.  He will pass by one more time.  Than it was Databir who was driving his car and he was holding the picture of Guru.  Who in the picture was there with folded hands.  After that I was looking forward to seeing Guru.”

“Vasu asked many times.  Did you see Guru? I said yes, yes, I saw.”

Jayasalini than got in the habit of looking forward to seeing Databir’s car when it passed by.  “I was offering all my devotion to see this picture.  To see Guru with folded hands.  For me it was one of the sweetest memories and experiences.  It was just seeing Guru pass by twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.  It was very obvious and very tangible that he was here.”


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