July 27, Utpal: Earth and Heaven Came Together Here

5 years ago when Galya Balatsky last ran here it took him 46 days to complete the 3100 mile race.  In the long 5 year period that lay between then and now he continued to run, train, and obviously improve.  Last night, in the dwindling minutes before midnight he ran across the finish line once more.  This time nearly 4 days faster than his previous attempt.

He carried his nation’s flag, his face lit bright by a smile, and his self transcendence offering was completed at last.

This morning as he completes the few laps that will give him an additional Ukrainian record I ask if his waiting 5 years to come was worth it.  “Yes of course.”

The additional record that he now holds as well is one of almost shocking consistency.  For all of his 43 days on the course he never ran l day less than 70 miles per day.  It has never been done before and many people suggest strongly that it is a record that may  never be broken.


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  1. Алла Денисова Says:

    Здравствуй, брат Стутишил! Восхищена и благодарна Галье за этот грандиозный бег во имя и с Гуру!!! Это событие оставило свой след в сознании Матери Земли…. СПАСИБО, Вам всем за то , что Вы бежите! А в Волгоград приехал баджанс- 25 девушек из разных городов России , Латвии и Украины! Мы так счастливы!!! Весь Центр счастлив! Спасибо , Стутишил, что ты на трассе, спасибо за бег!!!! Мир Украине!!!!