July 30, Utpal: Deep Inside My Heart

With just a little more than an hour remaining in the day, a very joyful Yuri Trostenyuk crossed the finish line of the Self Transcendence 3100 mile race for the 3rd time.  After songs had been sung and a cake and flowers offered to him Yuri had this to say.

“Today a very important job has been done by me.  Heaven has sent a message.  The earth is happy that it has received the light of the heaven.  Every one of the runners of the 3100 mile race is a winner.”

“I have transcended myself.  (21 hours faster than last year) I have conquered my inner imperfections.  I have dived deep inside my heart and I saw God himself there.  I saw joy and happiness there.  I am very grateful to all of your kind hearts and prayerful hands for all the help that has been offered to me.”


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  1. Doctor Nina Says:

    Utpal.Thank You for Your interesting, fantastic pictures and reports. I want to see it in every day when i have a time. I am very bisy at my work in the Hospital, but i want to see all Yor work on the Rase whith my douter and my sisters and brothers.
    Whith gratitude Nina.