Day 9…Never Ending Story (June 26, Utpal)

Nidhruvi is celebrating her birthday at the 3100 mile race today.  It is not a new thing for her to run for 18 hours around a New York city block on this very special day.  She did after all run the race twice before, in both 2013 and 2104.

I am not quite sure now if the course was generou enough to smile beneficently upon her efforts back then. Today at least the sun is shining, the air is dry, and the day ahead looks to be as perfect as it ever gets here deep in the final grinding days of June.

This morning I interviewed her, and though the weather was being nice to her this day I was not so.  I started of with a tough question.  I was curious what she would like for a birthday present?  Both from the Supreme, the world, and from herself.  Her response, not unexpected, “that is too early to ask.”

Nidhruvi not unfamiliar to tough challenges then replied, “Surrender.  Just to be able to surrender no matter what.  And through this surrender then to be the most perfect instrument for the Supreme and for Guru.”

I was curious to know why surrender is so difficult for all of us.  “I guess there are many reasons.  We are still so very much human.  We live in our own little worlds.  There are so many things that we don’t know and we have to learn.  I think it is learning by doing.  Step by step you learn more.  Also we have to find out what surrender really is.”

“This is my 3rd race.”  I ask her if there is always something to be learned by coming back.  She laughs, this is a never ending story.  “This is transformation for yourself and transformation for the world.  You feel everything, because you are just in it.  All is one.”

“Sometimes you quite often feel this heavy weight.  But then again on the other side you also feel this beauty and joy in this world.”


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