Day 10

It’s a little after 8 am. The 10th day. The weather is cool and cloudy – the best conditions for running. As usual, we are at the race from early morning. To tell the truth, some of our colleagues manage to come late. Only Ashprihanal and I are brought here by car. All others get here themselves by bikes. That’s why they are not bound by time – they need only to come here on time. Several times Diganta, Pushkar and Volodya were late. We are heading off and they are just arriving. Volodya told a story. He runs till the end – up to midnight to do his daily stint of 111 laps and often doesn’t have enough sleep. Yesterday he woke up at 3 am and went to the toilet. Then he woke up in the kitchen on the stool at 4 am. The light was on. It took him some time to remember that he wanted to go to the toilet. “Oh, my God!” He looked around – everything is ok; he managed to go to the toilet. Purna-Samarpan generally walks – he has problems with feet. “Feet burn” because of the concrete surface of the ground. Pushkar has symptoms of last year – indigestion and troubles with his feet. He now he does fast walking. Pavol is stilling deal with shin splints. Shuprabha as usually is very light and runs steadily with a semi-smile on her face. Yesterday on the 9th day I did 115 laps. My total for 9 days is 509 miles. It is less than I had last year, but it doesn’t matter. It has been for several days that Grahak and Ashprihanal perform mini-sketches when they pass Parvati’s group. Today, for example, Ashprihanal was a hen. Grahak fed the hen and she laid an egg!!!! It was very unexpected for everybody! The pictures of these sketches you can see on the Utpal’s Blog.

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  1. Ann From-Ukraine Says:

    ура!!! юбилейчик!!! 10 дней!!! юхууу!!! поздравления всей большой и маленькой семье!!!