Paul Tergat about 3100 Mile Race

About the 3100 mile race of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, I want to say: These runners really don’t fear the distance. Records are to be broken. When I set the Marathon world record 2003 in Berlin it was, because I didn’t fear the speed and distance. In the same way the 3100 mile runners set personal records not just for themselves, but for the development of the world.

The most important thing is that what you believe in. You have to accept that you can run a bad race. Tomorrow is the motivation that counts. That’s why I am not able to quit a race.

I also have the conviction that sport is not only winning medals or being number “1”. It is a passion to race and finish.

We can not feel good every day. The most important thing is that we believe. I came to sport, because there was a calling, a purpose. And that God knows why I came to this standard to use it for my inner life. Because of a higher power, I have not only broken world records and have grown into something.

Paul Tergat

World record holder in the marathon from 2003 to 2007, with a time of 2:04:55. He is the Kenyan NOC president and an ambassador of the United Nations World Food program.

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