Day 16

 It’s 8 am of Day 16. I just reached the 900 miles mark. To be honest, these miles are seen only on the board. A few days Ago, Ashrihanal reached 1000 miles. Now he has over 1,100 miles. Grahak reached the 1,000 split yesterday. Pyotr did it today.  All of them had personal bests. So, we are having a very good race.

Yesterday was Sunday which means more people around, more noise, more everything… Rugby was played on one field, basketball on the other, people kept coming… I did 65 miles which was rather easy. Surprisingly the day went smoothly. It was tough only from 5pm to 7pm. Volodya said later that he was also having a hard time. It felt as if something had tightened up. The weather forecast for today is 27-30 C. It’s the third consecutive day we have gotten no rain. It’s sunny. A real summer!

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