Day 19

I have had another smooth day, everything is ok. The weather was interesting today – very changeable and cloudy in the morning. It’s even difficult to believe that it was so cool on the 2nd of July –  ideal for running. Then the sun appeared and fried us. By the evening clouds came and it was heavy raining. Real rivers were running here. Asprihanal has had a hard day today – he is walking, talking to runners (which is great), listening to music. Purna-Samarpan runs more and more getting adjusted to the race. He has been doing more that 50 miles for several days and is going to increase the mileage. All others run well, without serious injures, we move forward. Today, nearly half a day I was listening to the new Grebenshchikov’s song “The best day”. I liked it so much! It describes perfectly the mood of the race, just super. I recommend it.
Hello to everybody.

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