Day 20

Day 20 3.24 pm

I want to share some of my observations. I think our perception of the outer world and feelings become sharper. For example, the sky is neverthe same. Open space is everywhere here. Because of private two-storeyed houses we can clearly see sky. I like it very much,especially here, on the course. Such whimsical clouds and sunsets.Beauty is perceived more keenly. There also are a lot of trees along the course and I feel like sitting in their shadows and contemplatingto feel their peace, patience, care, and compassion.

Everything is experienced more intensively as well. If you hear a funny joke, you just cannot stop laughing – such a positive outburst. If youread an aphorism which touches you, then you run for a long time underits impression. Here is an example:

The pride of the earthly race

And the joy of the heavenly race

Have the same goal:


The same is true for songs. Yesterday, I heard a new song of Purushottama Grebenshchikov “The most wonderful day”. I can not express how this song pierced into me. It suits my mood so much! All day long Iwas listening to this only song. It is interesting, but today I can hardly remember its lyrics (though there are only five lines) and music. So, I am ready to listen to it all day long again. This way we accept everything more intensively and deeply and, on the other hand, more peacefully. If there is any unpleasant news or disturbances, we take them calmly.

“Come what may” is our mantra.

The day is going well. Joy, positive attitude, endurance, will power,determination are all there. The flight is good.

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  1. sufiya Says:

    cпасибо огромное,что делишься… это такая замечательная школа.
    вчера в нете искала песню гребенщикова. пока нет.похоже, ты один из первых её слушателей. подожду, пока появится :)