Day 28

28th day, 12.28 pm

Suprabha just completed the half of the distance – 1550 miles, faster then last year as well. Her running is surprisingly steady. And it means that the race really over passed its midpoint, because it will stop after Suprabha’s finish. In the beginning, when Sri Chinmoy founded the 3,100-mile race, there was a strict limit of 51 days, but then, when I began to participate, Sri Chinmoy let runners finish within 55,56, or 58 days. Now race directors are more rigid and have a secret limit, i.e. Suprabha’s finish. I mean the race is over when Shuprabha is done, and those who are late, so be it. Now Pavol and Purna Samarpan are behind Suprabha. Purna-Samarpan is suffering the full pleasure of his first race, his liver likes going on vacation, so toxins remain in his body and as a result – problems with his legs(they as flexible as a piece of wood), and with his spine. But he is still moving.

Yesterday I had kind of a slow day – 58 miles. And actually today’s beginning of the day also was slow, I would say even hard. But then the wave came and it got easier. I began listening to my favorite books of Sri Chinmoy: The Tree of Life, Peace, and Opportunity. And it helped me a lot. I believe that gradually I’ll get back to my true speed.

Kaushal was so inspired by our race, that he changed his ticket. To our great joy, he is staying with us another week. Yesterday, they began to fix the highway. It took them 6 hours to cut 0,5km of asphalt. Then they left it just like that  for the weekend, so that we could enjoy breathing this dust. And they are likely to need one more day to put new asphalt instead. Right now at one of the corners of the course I am passing a handball championship of I don’t know what kind of league. They have all in one – picnic and music and championship. So we have to run this entire crowd around, and more likely it will last till night. Let me say, we are not bored; we are having a lot of fun. Cheers everybody!

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