Dipali Cunningham interviewed by Stutisheel

On 24-th day of the race while running Stutisheel is interviewing Dipali – 6 day race World Champion.



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  1. kushali&rageshri Says:

    Стутишил,так здорово,что ты взял интервью у Дипали!Мы как раз бежали вместе с ней этот пробег и видели,как делался этот рекорд.Это действительно бало впечатляющее зрелище!Она сражалась до последнего,как последний самурай.И победила!Мы очень гордились ею и ее силой Души и Отречением.Она действительно в последний день стала Душой.Мы все ощущали, как Сострадание и Любовь Бога нисходили обильным потоком на всех,кто был там.Спасибо ей за ее решимость,отречение и силу воли!!!
    С огромной любовью и радостью за всех вас,Кушоли и Рагешри

  2. Abarita Says:

    Hoi Stutisheel,

    Thank you for passing on live documents of these truly self-transcending events. You have become the running journalist, the one who, while running and achieving, is in touch with all, who is in the hearts of all sisters and borthers, of all humanity…
    I enjoy your words just as well as those of your guests.
    As everyone participating has special fragrant blossoms and incredibly shining jewels to offer, may I look forward to hearing live conversations of yours with all the running heroes? They are all stunning beautiful aspects of the Supreme, especially from the runners, as they share with us impressions, which have come into existence from hours and days and months and years of intense moments of dedication to achieving the highest ideals of human existence, and also were blessed by the guidence and presence of Guru.
    Thank you for running this race! And thank you already now for any more of such precious contributions you are still able to achieve while you are flowing yourself in Guru’s transcendence-river.

    Stutisheel Reply:

    Hoi Abarita!
    What a surprise to hear from you :)
    Thanks for good words. I will do my best also as journalist.