Day 40

40th day, 7.30. am. Another dream has come true – I’ve joined
Asprihanal’s elite club of those who cover 70 miles per day. On my 39th
day I did 70 miles for the first time in all 6 races. Again, it was
very natural, no pressure. It was as if I was going with a flow I
didn’t even stay longer hours and left in my usual time which is 11.30
pm. Everything is great! Today I feel no pain at all, there are even no
cramps The flight is super excellent !

Sahishnu said that yesterday it was the fist time when 4 runners did
over 70 miles a day. Asprihanal, Grahak, Petya,and I. It’s a kind of
achievement in terms of the 3100 standard. It is going up, for sure!

It has been several evenings in a row that Dipali brings DVD-player
with tapes from past races. And while running, I watched on a small
screen how Sri Chinmoy launched the first 3100 miles Race in 1997 and
walked around the course by himself. Very powerful, very powerful!

Purna-Samarpan has a nerve inflammation in his back. Yesterday he left
earlier that usually because he could hardly walk. Today Pradan is
arriving, so we rely on him.

Today is Arpan’s 57th birthday and according to the old tradition he
runs 57 miles. A mile per a year. He had begun running in the opposite
direction of the race a little after midnight . He is smiling. It
means that everything is all right.

We’ll be in touch, everybody.

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  1. chanakhya Says:

    You are having such a good race I am sooooo happy for you. I will see you in August I come on the 17th.