Day 44

44th day. At 6 am it was 63 miles to cover for Asprihanal to get the
finish point. He is going to do it around 10 pm. Closer to the end,
I’ll try to get this flying Finn to talk and I am going to interview
Today is Parvati’s singing group anniversary. When Sri Chinmoy gave
them a new name, it was Enthusiasm awakeners.
As I’ve already told you, they get together and sang for runners every
day at 6.40.
It is the second day in a row that Parvaty has been celebrating this
jubilee. And they prepared gifts for each runner. Today we got a
wonderful hat with a sign “3100 mile runner powered by grace and
enthusiasm”, a beautiful running T-shirt and a lot of tasty things.
It’s a real holiday.
Yesterday New York reminded us what thunderstorms are like. In the
afternoon we had two strong thunderstorms here – everything was flooded
with water, branches were broken by wind. And it lasted for 5 min. Once
I was running along a highway and suddenly I realized that I didn’t see
anything ahead of me, kind of a void. Then I understood that it was a
rain wall and it moved towards me. I just thought that there was no
place to hide and was overwhelmed. We got that fierce storm for the
first time, but it was a warm thunderstorm though. It was fun, but I
was wet from top to toe. Then one hour later, another thunderstorm
burst once again. 5 minutes and it was over, sun was shining, just we
were wet to the skin.
Another story was with Volodya. He was lucky. When it started, he was
quite near the van and successfully found a shelter there, for the
second time he was in the toilet cabin and waited there for a few
minutes. Then he went out absolutely dry. I’m jealous.

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  1. sufiya Says:

    >А у Володи вчера была просто «сека».
    ага, умеет быть в нужное время в нужном месте ))