Day 45

45th day, 8.30am.
Well, Asprihanal finished at 10.30pm yesterday. He was so tired that
did not even run 13 laps to complete 5,000 km. Today in the morning I
was alone in the car without my car mate. Asprihanal said that probably
after a good sleep he would come to do these 13 laps today.

More news. Suprabha quit. To be exact, she quit yesterday because of
progressing pain in her spine, but today she decided to give herself
the last chance. She walked 7 laps… And this is the final “stop”. 2413
miles in her 13th Race. She is a real divine hero!

Grahak is going to finish around 4pm with a new record of Australia. A
little bit later, I will talk with this “jumping kangaroo”. If one
looks at all the runners from the side, one might notice that they are
running with knees half- bent.
But he pushes off, like jumping or something. For sure, dwellers of
Australia influence his style.
See you.

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