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Photos Day 9

June 23, 2014

Photos from day 9 are available here.  

Day 9, Stutisheel

June 23, 2014

Day 9 at 3100 mile race 2014 from Stutisheel Lebedev on Vimeo.

June 21: Make Progress by Utpal

June 23, 2014

“It is perfect.  The sun is shining and a runner is running,” says Sopan to me this morning, as he jogs with light shuffling steps beside me. It is very early on a quiet bright Saturday morning, the 21st of June.  It is a date that smacks of special significance for most of us.  For it is the day with the most hours of sunshine of the entire year. (Southern Hemisphere people you will get your chance again in 6 months time) But in what has to be a strange irony, just now as the days gradually grow just a little shorter, and offer up less and less of their light, the race itself has barely just begun.  The colossal distance still remainging in front of the 14 runners here feels almost like completing it will take an eternity. sopan-sun Read the rest of the post here:

Day 8, Stutisheel

June 22, 2014

Day 8 at 3100 miles race 2014 from Stutisheel Lebedev on Vimeo.

Photos Day 8

June 22, 2014

Photos from say 8 are available here.  

June 20: Making History by Utpal

June 22, 2014

ckg start 1000 When Fred Lebow visited our 1,000-mile race, he said we are so efficient. I laughed, because at every second we are having a heart attack! He told me that we are making history. It is so true; the race is a real victory for America. Where else can they hold this kind of race! And this year it was won by an American. -8 May 1986 Sri Chinmoy, Run And Become, Become And Run, Part 18, Agni Press, 1996 The rest of the post here:

Photos Day 7

June 21, 2014

Photos from say 7 are available here.  

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