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July 4th, Jowan: Photos day 21

July 4, 2015

JG2_5487   more photos here.

Day 21, Stutisheel

July 4, 2015

Day 21, 3100 Mile Race 2014​ from Stutisheel Lebedev on Vimeo.

July 4, Utpal: America The Beautiful

July 4, 2015

Archived – click Post Title to view all. 21 days ago 12 runners set off on a magnificent journey here.  They came from countries scattered around the world, from a total of 8 different nations.  None of them are American, and yet like the millions who have made their way to the great welcoming shores of this land for nearly 4 centuries, they are seeking an opportunity which their own countries cannot provide. What these explorers seek is of course what we all seek, an opportunity to transcend.  Yet this golden opportunity of running 3100 miles, is one that precious few on earth are ready or willing to take up the challenge. Still all of us have this beacon inside us, that wants to awaken and illumine us.  One, that some of us are conscious of, and who for others, their earthly slumber does not allow them to awaken yet and strive for their own certain perfection. On this July 4th holiday Americans awake from shore to shore with the great promise of what America could and should be safe within their hearts.  Yes there will be fireworks and music and a time for silly things true.  But within each person, on this day, and in this country America, a bright promise still burns. Some may have lost hope that the dream has long vanished, obscured by events and actions that seem so contrary to the vision laid down on parchment in Philadelphia 239 years ago.  But what the founding fathers dreamed for this country the 12 runners pursue in both a…

July 3rd, Jowan: Photos day 20

July 3, 2015

more photos here.

July 3, Utpal: Running With Your Heart

July 3, 2015
As Nirbhasa runs into the thick middle of his 20th day at the 3100 mile race.  He has now been running twice as long as he has ever run before.  When I point this rather obvious observation out to him he responds with his characteristic wit and accompanying giggle , “it certainly feels like it.”
“I never thought the human body could get this tired.  At the same time I am still quite cheerful, still quite happy.  The race is really all about running with your heart, and with your soul.  You have to run the race from within.  Because if you think of how tired you are, and all the other things going on.  There is really no end to it.  So you just keep going and the miles accumulate.”

Nirbhasa ran 58 miles yesterday, which was better than the 49 miles from the previous day.  He started the day with 1174 miles. Screen-Shot-2015-07-03-at-6.26.36-PM Read more

Day 20, slow motion

July 3, 2015

Day 20, 3100 Mile Race 2015​ from Stutisheel Lebedev on Vimeo.

July 2, Utpal: More Than Enough

July 2, 2015
They have run so many laps and miles together over the past 18 days that is literally impossible to know just how many.  Whatever the number may be it is a lot. Galya completed 1309 miles last night.  He suspects that many hundreds of them have been completed with Stutisheel, running at his side.  The scuffing of their feet along the dusty sidewalk creates a pleasing hypnotic cadence. They have both placed a great dent in the tremendous goal they are both trying to conquer. Stutisheel says, “usually long distance races are quite lonely.  It is good to have a running friend.”

I ask Galya if he missed not running with Stutisheel a few days ago when he was having some problems.  “I was sad the he was suffering. But I stopped almost each lap to talk with him.”

Stutisheel: “He was asking me all the time how I was suffering.  By the way, every time I feel that I am limiting his speed, I just let him go.  He is faster and more powerful right now.” Galya: “We have the same speed when we run together.”  He than jokes that the only reason he ran the race this year was because Stutisheel promised to run 70 mile days. Stutisheel: “Second half.  We have time.”   galya3 Read more


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