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Day 38. Play by Harita and Nidhruvi

July 25, 2017

Day 37, results

July 24, 2017

Photos Day 37

July 24, 2017

(Русский) День 36…Внутреннее безмолвие (23 июля)

July 23, 2017

“I am feeling pretty good.  A little tired.  You know, standard answer after 35 days.” When we greet each other a routine question is usually to ask the other person how they are.  Nirbhasa has spent the last 35 days doing very little else than running around the block here in Jamaica Queens. Yesterday he tied with Kaneenika for the most mileage of the day with a very good 64 miles 117 laps.  Probably there can be no better answer than his , “pretty good.”  Particularly when you take into account that he has so far run 2233 miles and still has 867 more miles to go.

Photo by Alakananda

The conditions on the course yesterday were best described as brutal.  Crowds swarmed around a handball tournament in the corner and the day was hot and muggy.  Welcome to the Self Transcendence 3100 mile race. I start our conversation this morning by telling Nirbhasa about a story I had printed in the blog yesterday about the great Indian Spiritual Master Sri Ramakrishna.  I mentioned how he had given a spiritual experience to a family member who had not strived and worked for it so did not fully comprehend or appreciate what they had received.  I wondered how he felt that, compared to his and the other runners super human efforts to achieve their goals here. Continue

Day 35, results

July 22, 2017

Day 33, results

July 20, 2017

Day 31, results

July 18, 2017

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