August 8… A New Experience (Utpal)

This morning when Surasa ran by me she asked if I wouldn’t mind taping a message for her.  Of course I considered it a great honor to be able to to record this for all her friends and admirers.

“I have a message for my friends.” “Dear friends all over the world.  I just want to tell you that you don’t have to worry about me.  I am really fine.” Continue

August 7, how can I stop? By Utpal

 When I meet with Baladev this morning he has just been reading a page full of poems that Sri Chinmoy wrote on the topic of never giving up.

I ask him what that means to him and he says, “right now I am not in a talking mood.” Instead he uses the time to read them all to me.  In a thoughtful and compelling way. Sharing with me, that when he read them moments earlier they had made him cry. Continue

August 6, Utpal. God Has a Plan

Be good and remain good; if you want to be a supremely chosen child of God. When I go to meet Vasu out on the course he is reciting the daily prayer with Stutisheel.  Saying the daily prayer is something that he has done throughout this race, and as far as I know it is something so important to him that he has done this same thing every day in all the 5 years he has run here.

Finish #4 – Vasu! 48 days + 3:54:11

image Pictures from the finish

Third finish – Atmavir! 47 days + 11:32:00

image Pictures from the finish

August 4: The Whole World is in My Heart (Utpal)

It was the closes finish ever at the 3100 mile  race.  Last night at midnight both Yuri and Ashprihanal had put in an astonishing day of running.  Demonstrating unquestionably what it really means to dig deep, try harder, and for all of us mortals on the sideline, what appeared to be transcending themselves in a way that has not been witnessed on this little block in Queens ever.

Ashprihanal’a finish and story behind. 46 days + 2:54:22

Day 47, 3100-Mile Race 2016. Ashprihanal's finish and story behind from Stutisheel Lebedev on Vimeo.

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