Day 14, results

Day 14. Higher Part of Yourself (July 1, Utpal)

Archived – click Post Title to view all. I met Harita this morning at the corner of 168th st. as she came up the service road towards me.  I often run along this route during the year and am hardly aware at all that it is anything more than a slight incline.  But to Harita, who has now circled this same corner 1270 times now in the past 13 days it is a hill. When you lay on the sidewalk, as I have done taking pictures, you can see it unmistakably.  It helps me to get a better understanding,  that all the little details of the course get observed by the runners in ways that we can never fully grasp or understand. For the last 2 days now Harita has been running 111 laps each day which is just about 61 miles.  “I kind of realized the first few days of the race that if I want to do the necessary miles each day that I would have to stay really focused.” “I don’t always stay really focused in my regular life.  It is a really good practice for me and a really good opportunity for me.  I can but I often get distracted.  I love people, I love talking to people.  I am interested in a lot of things.” I saw her early speaking on the phone.  “That was actually one of the first times I spoke with people on the phone.  I haven’t really used my phone much.  I felt, especially for the first couple of weeks that it was…

Day 13…A Oneness-Family (June 30)

As Smarana heads into his 13th day on the course I ask him if he has had to once again change plans.  I quiz him whether he is moved on from his first plan and started to skip through the various letters of the alphabet.  He has been going through some major blister issues over the past few days. “Well plan A always has to be elastic.  Otherwise it is going to be tough here. If you stick to preconceived concepts” “I would really like to speak about the oneness aspect of the race.  Due to some technical problems we didn’t get any messages via the Marathon Team website.  At least ones from Austria, I don’t know why. We didn’t get any messages so I just surrendered.  I just let it go.” “Then they started using a different web account and messages started to come.  It made such a difference.” “Sometimes you get lost in details.  The lap becomes very small, your world.  Then you have to broaden your perspective again.  It was so helpful to get the messages.  My helper (Horst) even had tears.  It was a touching thing.” Continue reading 

Day 12, results

Day 12. Inner Search (June 29, Utpal)

Archived – click Post Title to view all. 2 years ago Nirbhasa ran the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race for the first time.  After 11 days of running he had accumulated 710 miles.  Last year was a break year and once again he is running the longest race in the world.  This time after 11 days he has 725 miles, which in the peculiar trajectory of race statistics, would indicate a very good improvement.   When I ask Nirbhasa if he feels it is going well he says, “I am taking it one day at a time.  I don’t think about the accumulative amount of laps.  But I do remember at this stage of the race last time I started going down hill pretty quickly.” He doesn’t know exactly what happened back then.  The files show that he started going well under 60 mile per day up until about the half way point on Day 26.  “My body just wasn’t used to it.  It started around day 11 or 12.  Before that all I had done was a 10 day race.  So that could have a lot to do with it.” “Maybe now I am just doing better at management with things like sleep.  I am really trying now to look after myself.  To be in bed as soon as possible after this finishes.” Nirbhasa says he learned a lot from his race experience here in 2015.  “But there is still a lot more to discover.  You come back with new goals.  Things that you could have done better outwardly.  Things that you could…

Day 11, results

Day 11. Smarana, Harita and Nirbhasa about the Race beginning.

Day 11, 3100 Mile Race 2017. Smarana, Harita and Nirbhasa about race beginning. from Stutisheel Lebedev on Vimeo.

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