Day 19

The nineteenth day of the race. 5.23pm local time. The weather has been indulging these days: it’s only moderately hot, even cool and a little windy. However, the runners are having different paces. Petya has recovered and is hopping like a rabbit. Balatsky had stomach problems yesterday, but did manage to do a daily minimum. Today he is faster. I am running more slowly, but still I am running. Today Cathy Oerter, the wife of a four time Olympic Champion in the discus throw Al Oerter visited us. She’d been here a few days ago, but then she had the status of a VIP guest, all dressed up and unapproachable. Sri Chinmoy had a huge respect for her husband, and they were good friends. Today we saw her in her running shoes and she ran a few laps with us. One would never guess she is 57. She is in perfect shape. It turned out that she herself is an Olympian. In 1976, she took part in the Olympics (sprint and long jump). She is very outgoing and open. She has a very flexible mind. We talked a lot about staying connected with nature, about universal oneness and how time flows at such races. It looks as though she was deeply impressed and touched by the race. In the end she said that she had never seen a more Earth-transforming project and event. We were also enriched by her story of the life philosophy of this legendary Olympic couple which is very close to ours. Cathy said that all obstacles and limitations are in our mind. How true! That’s all for now.

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