Learn to live in the heart

The day dawned warm and sticky on this Fathers day in New York.  For many years it has always been a special day, in which Sri Chinmoy was honored by his students here in Queens and also all around the world, wherever his students gathered.  Since his passing the tradition has continued and events are taking place throughout the day.
As the runners arrive this morning they can be heard to spontaneously call out “Happy Fathers Day,” to one another.  There is a lightness and joy in the spirit at the race this morning that is not matched by the heavy thick stillness of the air.
Countless people have been inspired by Sri Chinmoy over the years and many continue to feel a deep inner connection with him.  He asked little of people and yet gave so much.  How one related to him was up to the individual.  It was easy for many to feel a hearts closeness with him.  He could be a dear friend, or older brother, but for most of us, whose connection was soulfully deep, it was unquestionable but to look upon him as a Spiritual father.
This race of course was his creation, and all who are part and parcel of it know that he saw it as a powerful way to express his vision of Self-Transcendence. His continued presence and influence here is unmistakable.
He no longer drives his little red car around the course each day but in your heart you can still feel his infinite affection and appreciation for all those who are aspiring to challenge their limitations. Not just the 11 runners here but all aspiring seekers everywhere. Read more…

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