Day 26

Thursday, July 8, 2010

5.48 p.m. local time. Today is my second day with zero laps. In the morning, Rupantar took me to see a Chinese physical therapist who had helped Suprabha a lot over the years. She asked me about my problems very carefully, pushed and bent my leg, talked to her colleague and said that it was probably a tear of a ligament. Not a serious one, but it would take me some time to recover. To my question about “how long” she answered that it was hard to say, but the next few days I wouldn’t be able to run for sure. Then she prescribed some procedures – electrophoresis, ultrasound, massage etc. I ‘ll go to them in a day. I feel quite good, but nevertheless I am walking on crutches

This morning Asprihanal went to the course with a new energy after a one-day rest. It did not influence his position on the results board. He feels good.

Surasa has some very painful corns on her feet, but she is a real warrior and runs all the time.

It seems that the last year problems with his back returned to Purna-Samarpan – he did 27 laps the morning, then was lying in the van for the rest of the day and left early.

Darbashana keeps surprising everybody with his speed and stability. Today in the evening he crossed the mid way mark (1550 miles) for the first time!!!

2 Responses-Комментариев to “Day 26”

  1. Инна Says:

    Привет, Стутишил!!! Пламенный привет тебе из Миасса и всего Южного Урала! Мы здесь очень болеем за тебя и очень надеемся, что тебе станет намного лучше. А еще, у нас в гостях Катя Коценко. Она прочитала у нас две замечательные лекции. Но она рассказала нам о своих самых сокровенных чаяниях. Она сказала, что когда она вышла утром прогуляться по лесу, то увидела две землянички. И тут же она вспомнила о тебе и послала тебе свою пламенную и сердечную любовь. И что хотя вы находитесь в разных местах, она ощущает единство и очень глубоко сочувствует тебе. Мы желаем тебе победы и хотим, чтобы ты знал, что ты не один. Наши души, наша любовь – с тобой!

  2. аня Says:

    О, Стутишил – земляничка!!!