Day 27

Friday, June 9, 2010

11:47 p.m local time. This is the third day with zero laps. I still cannot step on my right foot. Today I found that I can ride a bike almost without pain and rode a few laps with the runners. I am working up my ligament with special exercises, and biking can help to provide at least some training load.

When you are in the camp and count laps, you can see all the runners more often than when you yourself run. You notice their mood, fatigue, self-transcendence… all of them are great!

Almost for everybody it was a tough day: Darbashana, Sahprihanal, Ananda-Lahari and Baladev (Pavel) walked practically all day long

Most runners had stomach problems. Purna- Samarpan started running again. Pranjal surpassed Ashprihanal’s mileage for the first time.

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  1. аня Says:

    keep moving, brother