Day 30

 Yesterday something very unusual happened. To begin with, Sarvagata ran 80.6 miles (147 laps) and I’d say this is the level of  Madupran, the world record holder. Of course, only he could run more than anybody else, but Sarvagata is a rookie! Think of that! Wow, amazing. Yesterday most of us had a good day.  Shrasa surprised us all – she did 115 laps (63 miles) for the first time and at 11pm went home to rest.  Pradeep did 66 miles and Purna-Samarpan did 65 miles. In general, everybody rocks! I had quite a decent mileage, but since Independence Day I haven’t been able to pick up the pace to do 120 laps. We’ll wait and see.
This morning, let’s face it, it has been hard, and I see that my pace is slow, and everybody is moving slowly. I even started looking for the gun to finish these torments:) … And here we meet with Igor, and he says: ‘Stutisheel, I can no more. I’m tired of bearing it. “And when I said that he had only 2 weeks to go, he said, ‘This is too much. I’ll die sooner than that. ” Igor, well, bad news is that at 3,100-mile race nobody has died. So in your case, the only way to stop running is to finish.  We smirked a little and then I took a book of jokes, and we were cracking.  Igor remembered a joke about a moose:)
A moose walking in the woods gets wounded by hunters. It runs away, comes to the lake, drinks and drinks, and then says, I cannot understand, I drink and drink, but I am getting worse and worse. ”
A miracle happened and we ended up running. although in the morning we didn’t believe in miracles.
The day goes on!

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