Day 31

After yesterday’s hot and sultry day , when it was around 32-34 with high humidity which we survived, someone successfully, and some not so (Atmavir and Ananda Lahari, for example, walked all day, I managed to keep running) today is a different picture. Ashprihanal and Igor, as if nothing happened, have been running at their usual pace. Sarvagata slowed down, but almost everybody has been running today – including Ananda Lahari, Pradeep, and Atmavir. Pradeep, incidentally, is very stable and it looks like he is gaining momentum. He is a growing fast runner. As it turned out, he was at my house in Kiev in 2001 with the European World Harmony Run team. When they were in Kiev, they stayed with me, and I absolutely do not remember it. But he remembers:)
Purna-Samarpan is a trendsetter today – he cut off his T-shirt, so as to leave a well-ventilated top with the stomach, and rushed in the morning, because the day was supposed to be hot. It was hot and we were saved only due to the wind. So throughout the day he’s been running in his vest in which he put ice bags and looked like a terminator. It’s a special vest, which makes one a few pounds heavier, but it cools very well. So he has developed a policy – he runs fast in the morning, walks in the afternoon and runs fast at nighttime.
He’s got good mileage, too.

I had a good morning, much better than yesterday, and in the afternoon it was very good. But then Pradhan showed up. We all had been looking forward to that and gave us all some treatment. He fixed me a bit and it got better, but it turned out that somewhere in the back the nerve was somehow compromised, and the entire right leg felt very weak, all the way from the hip to the foot. I started limping, because it was impossible to step on the foot. And it turned out that Ashprihanal and Purna-Samarpan had the same. We called him and asked to come back, he was glad to fix the problem and even showed how one stretch back muscles, because it is not the first time that I have noticed that this particular nerve gives me trouble closer to the night. In the end, he said that he should resign.
After that, everything went wrong a little. For all these procedures, I lost five laps and I did not have the speed to catch up. But it’s ok. Now I am going to read some jokes to cheer myself up and get ready for tomorrow.

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