Day 32

Day 32, 9pm. It’s been a tough day for me, as I’ve been mostly walking. I
got diarrhea yesterday because the food had been sitting out in the sun. I
had a hard time at night too. In the morning after 10 laps I had no
strength. I even took a break just after 1.5 hour running and haven’t been
able to run since. Looks like I am going to have the least mileage this year
compared with my previous races. It’s OK. These things happen. Today we’ve
got another 3 walkers – Ananda-Lahari, Atmavir and Purna-Samarpan. This must
be the aftereffects of the heat. Today it was moderately hot, even nice,
there was a little breeze, but we haven’t been able to run. Later in the day
we had a rain with gusts and then there was a double rainbow. So beautiful!
The Supreme’s Smile! Everybody was glowing, even the ones having a hard

Later in the day another surprise was in store for us. Dr.Kaushal has come
all the way from Italy. He’s already on the course taking measures and I
hope he’ll help me to increase my mileage and survive my old friend, the
full moon. I have become 7.6 kg lighter :-)

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