Day 33

Day 33. 9:50 pm The day has been really nice – not hot, with the high in
28C. In the morning I managed to get out of the walkers club as
Ananda-Lahari, Atmavir and Purna-Samarpan continued their yesterday’s walk.
I had a good run in the morning and did 2000 miles in 32 days, 2 hours and
20 minute. ,In spite of all my setbacks, it’s 5 hours ahead of my second
best 2,000 miles in 2009. We’ll see.

Now I am feeling ok. Kaushal said that my current form was stable and I
could pick it up a little. He ‘s spent 6 hours on the course and helped all
of us tremendously. Purna-Samarpan had swollen legs and veins, now he is
running. Ananda-Lahari and Atmavir are also trotting.Everybody is happy.
Surasa has crossed a 2,000-mile mark. The race goes on!

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