Day 40

Day 40, 3:24pm

The temperature is +34C and almost 100% humidity. The right conditions for self-transcendence. We had an unordinary event – a change of the race leader. Now it is Sarvagata who is leading the race. Yesterday Ashprihanal wasn’t feeling well, ran slowly, made long breaks. It turned out that he had dehydration and a heat stroke. He stayed on the course until 7.30pm, did 71 laps and then he was taken for an IV. As he was taken there in the evening, he came home at 2.30 am. Around 10 am Rupantar declared that Ashprihanal would have a day-off. He had 2800 then and very soon Sarvagata got 2800 miles too and ran further. Others are half-walking, half-running. In comparison with yesterday, I am doing fine. Yesterday I mostly walked, did only 42 miles and was very happy with the result. Kaushal said that energy losses were due to liver problems. We are working on it now. Today I am happy that, no matter how slowly, I have been still running in such hot and humid weather. The days ahead are going to be even hotter but I hope to hold up. For the first time today I put on a Solumbra sun-protection suit.

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