Day 3, Pranjal

This is the end of day 3. It was quite interesting day, at least for me. In the morning I was still suffering from yesterday, because I was not eating all day. So I felt a little energy and started to run, but energy gone in 2 hours. I started walking again and push myself to eat. After few more hours I got some strength back, but it was flowing slowly. I was pushing myself to eat, although my stomach was not accepting much. By the evening time I felt energy back.

The weather was also interesting – hot in the morning 28C, in the afternoon started raining and it was continuing until 10 pm. It was not thunderstorm but it was raining all the time. Will see how it will be with our feet tomorrow.

All the runners looked really, really good. After yesterday walking Ashprihanal was running all day and did pretty good mileage. Sarvagata the same. I guess Atmavir did one of the best mileages today. Almost all the runners ran until the end – till midnight, which is not really usual. Sopan was doing his own pace. Vasu was running pretty fast, I guess he will run even faster. Surasha looking really strong this year, she was passing me even in the evening when I started running.  Baladev said that he feeling a little bit tired. Yuri – same perfect running. Sarah, in spite of continuing problem with the feet was doing really good and in the evening she was literally flying. She said that a foot looks much better then at the beginning. Nidrhuvi is trying to keep her pace and do her daily mileage.

Tomorrow will be day #4 and it will be interesting to see how we cope with it. 3 days at 3100 is nothing. First 2 weeks is just warm-up and then the rest will just come.

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