Day 3, Sahishnu

As the race progresses the runners always develop a sense of fitness and the effort marks on their faces recede as their smiles increase. Atmavir Spacil was smiling today as he led the group with 70.24 miles, his third venture past seventy in as many days.Both he and Vasu Duzhiy have the exact lap total of 397. Surasa Mairer climbed into fourth place overall with a 63.66 mile day. Also showing signs of true form was perennial favorite Ashprihanal Aalto. The Flying Finn reached 68 miles today. Another runner to watch is first timer Yuri Trostenyuk of Ukraine, who reached 66.9 miles to move into third overall. All 12 runners are averaging at least 61 miles per day. There is room for improvement too, regardless of foul weather or soaring temps. But with three moderate days in the forecast good running should be the norm and plenty of miles,too. Stay tuned.

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