Day 5, Sahishnu

The fifth day of our yearly saga on multiple day running was highlighted by the re-emergence of Finnish star Ashprihanal Aalto,who led all comers with 71.89 miles. He climbed from ninth to fourth in the standings with one day of good running, punctuated by clear skies and a breeze every now and then. Atmavir Spacil climbed into first overall with a 67.5 miles. He is currently averaging 71.34 miles per day.Surasa Mairer continues to lead the women with a 64.4 mile per day average.Ten of the 12 marauders went past sixty miles today. All of the runners have an average of at least 60+ miles per day. However, this is a small sample size. One of the tests of this epic event is that it is so long. One cannot look ahead past the present daily task.But in all tests, the cream always rises to the top. We shall see who is the wisest, the fittest, and the strongest. Stay tuned…..

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