Day 5, Pranjal

Hi everyone, Pranjal again. This is the end of day 5. I had a pretty tough day. Since morning my legs were pretty heavy and I need to push myself very hard. I keep pretty good pace all day but it was really really hard. I ran until 22:30 and then was walking till the midnight.  I did something like 112 laps, which is not bad. This is part of the race. Body is started to adjust to this tough things.

All the others looked really strong, nobody have main injuries. But it is still early days of the race.

Atmavir had some crisis in the morning. It took him about 2 hours of slow running and then he was running fast again. Vasu as usual was running very fast. Yuri is interesting, because he is not running that fast, but all time on the track and could do a lot of miles. Surasa looks very strong, amazing pace, very fast and still cheerful.  Sarvagata is still warming up. Baladev still keeping a very good pace. Shopan is doing well. Ashprihanal getting stronger and stronger.  Nidhruvi is very determined and strong, trying to do 60 miles per day. Ananda-Lahari started a little bit slower in comparison to other years. Sarah having an interesting style, sometimes she is having more brakes, but when she run – she run very fast. She is fastest on the track. This evening she was sprinting. She is in good shape.

See you tomorrow.

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