June 21, Utpal: New Things to Transcend

 “I really would like to come back.”

I had just joked with Suprabha that Ashprihanal is going to tie her record of completing the race 13 times.  She laughs as she says this, but her comment is not far from the range of the possible.

Suprabha has continually defied our notions of strength and determination.  A wisp of humanity that seems surcharged with boundless energy.  Its source, clearly not linked to her slim petite physique. Yet when you listen to her soft gentle words, as she speaks about her time spent so long upon this road you can begin to sense the origin of her unique and special gift.

Suprabha has always dedicated each of her steps, her laps, and her miles to the divinity within.  An inspiration and a source not lost on any of us who have watched and appreciated her running year after.  Clearly  Suprabha has forged a unique connection to some form of higher power for many many years.

In those 13 summers she ran the race she completed 40,300 miles circling the block.  When asked what kind of mileage she is putting in now she confesses, “it is really not enough.”

Suprabha’s running since she last participated here in 2009 has not been without challenges.  In March she went with some friends to run the Chico half marathon.  The place where her late spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy ran his first marathon. By doing some extra loops they actually ran a full marathon.  “What a beautiful course.  I just loved it. I had a really nice experience.  That is sacred gro

Reaund the way this is sacred ground to us.”


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  1. artem Says:

    Спасибо вам, кто пишет этот блог и кто бежит. Уже второе лето с нетерпением жду каждой записи, кажется, что это самое доброе и светлое место, это и тот круг в НЙ.

    Stutisheel Reply:

    Спасибо! Рады делиться вдохновением

  2. Валя До Says:

    Привет Стутишил и семья.Каждое утро слежу за новостями.Спасибо большое.Это очень вдохновляет,дарит улыбку,вызывает слезы радости.Дает поддержку перед двухсуточным забегом,который состоится на этих выходных в Виннице.Ждем вас в Киеве.За вами-суточный.Шучу.До свидания,до встречи.