Day 3

The start of day 3 was not bad at all. After a little run, the knee pain disappeared and did not disturb me anymore, but instead my Achilles’ tendon gave me some problems. It’s a good thing that I have only one task at a time. When I got that pain in my heel tendon, I started walking. I tried to run every now and then, but most of the time I just walked. Indigestion has been blocking energy for two days.

I applied Traumeel gel and a cabbage leaf to my heels and now I am feeling better. I hope that the problem won’t get any more serious and tomorrow everything will be all right.

Pranab has got shin splints. He is walking walks for the most part of the day. He is joyful though.

All other runners are doing well. As usual, Pranjal is a super-stable runner whatever happens. Asprihanal is leading as he always does, but he says he is suffering muscle pain too. He’s had a massage today and now is running steadily. Pushkar is having a good race. Pavol is just super. All are  going well and I am sincerely happy for them! Tomorrow I’ll join them in running.

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