Day 14

Day 14 is coming to a close. It’s 10:09 pm. I have 6,5 laps left. The
day has been OK. AT times I felt waves of exhaustion especially towards
evening, but somehow in the wave-like way, I ended up running. It was
really hard to run after a 6pm break, but I managed to… I am happy that
my daily mileage has been over 60 lately. I guess after the race is
over, I’ll be marveling at how it is possible to run 100 km a day, to
have 5 hours of sleep and to feel happy and absolutely alive. Now it
doesn’t seem impossible, it seems very… natural. I realize all too well
that it’s not about my physical stamina and running capacities. It’s
about the flow and special energy circulating here. I am so happy to be
a little receptive to it.

Everybody is running surprisingly well today. Even Purna-Samarpan whose
feet are getting better. He is a hard nut who doesn’t give up easily.
He has completed 4 Ironman Triathlons. It’s no joke to swim for 3,5 km,
then to ride a bike for 108 km and to finish with a marathon (42 km).
The last time was his personal best – 12,5 hours. He was so exhausted
that doctors had to give him sodium chloride injections.
Pranab had to be disqualified for medical reasons. There’s nothing
doing. Everything happens for a reason. Before the start, he was very
nervous. Something must be going on. Volodya Balatsky seems to have
been born at the 3,100-mile race: he feels so comfortable here and runs
Today is the 25th anniversary of Sri Chinmoy 2-mile races which take
place close to the 3,100-mile race.

2 Responses-Комментариев to “Day 14”

  1. sufiya Says:

    энергия и покой, которые идут от забега на 3100, очень чувствуются по пространству и для них, похоже, не существует ни границ, ни времени, ни расстояния …
    спасибо :)

  2. семья легоньковых Says:

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