Day 17


TODAY I have passed 1000 miles. As Sahishnu likes to write in his news: it’s the 6th time in my running career. 16 days and 12 hours. It is 3 hours faster than last year.
I am on the 8th place. Yesterday night Volodya ran his first 1000 miles in his life. He was as happy as a child. Frankly speaking, it’s even difficult to believe that we have already been running for 17 days. It seems that only yesterday we came to New York, only yesterday we went to Manhattan to buy lacking sport things. And, look, 17 days have passed by…
Ashprihanal moves forward amazingly fast. He is up for something, that’s for sure. And Grahak as well… We  found out that he did not like the race very much and he wanted to be done with it.  Probably, he plans something, too. He  is covering huge mileage… All our runners are moving very well.
I feel quite well. I had some blisters after rains, but my legs are ok. Since early awakening, running, having food while we run, and breaks became my modus vivendi, everything has been accepted as natural… Yeah, it’s a lifestyle now. And a very good style for that matter! To our starting mark I get absolutely fresh, never have I been heavy-eyed. I run right from the starting line. It takes 2-3 hours to warm legs up and then I can work well.
Certainly, my well-being changes during the day, but generally it is stable enough. This time I have noticed that it is harder to run from 5 to 7pm: my legs become heavy, but then it gets easier and easier. In the evening, I run up to the last lap to use up the allotted daily time.
Thank you all  who send letters of support, jokes, and funny pictures. It contributes to my cheerful mood and positive attitude without which it is extremely difficult to do something.
The flight is going on.

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  1. sufiya Says:

    поздравляю с первой тысячей миль на этом пробеге :)

  2. Ann From-Ukraine Says:

    Congratulation!!!! congratulation!!!!! congratulation!!!!

  3. Сергей Самойленко Says:

    Стутишил работает 50 дней в году. Всё остальное – активный отдых.

  4. Сергей Самойленко Says:

    Я б не удивился если б там было нарисовано 10000 миль