Day 25

Yesterday, I run another 65 miles. I was able to do more, but in the  afternoon I felt my left tendon starting to pull. It was because of deformation of my shoes. Now a pair of sneakers is finished in two days, and I start to feel pain in muscles, although sneakers are brand new – only soles are erased. Pranab tried to fix the problem with the glue rubber on the sole and mastered a new job. He uses the tires to fix the shoes. Now we are wearing Continental Super Sport tyres. It contains metallic fibers. It takes longer to erase it than to erase the original shoe. But nevertheless shoes lose its form. As most people, I step with a little inclination and all shoes in some time “warp”. So, yesterday it happened that the rubber was ok, but my shoe is out of its form, and I felt discomfort with my leg. I felt the familiar signs that it was high time I had changed running shoes, but then I decided to wait a little bit, as I wanted to save money. I changed them in the evening at 5-6 pm, and gradually it was getting more painful to walk. Still I was able to run, but to walk (to make a turn and so on) was very painful. I had to pirouette: to stop, to turn square angle and only after that to go on. But cabbage-therapy during the night and some other things made it better. Now I am running well. The flight is ok.

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